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Explosion Proof Material
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Coast to Coast

The inventory consists of over 100,000 different line items.

About Us

In 2007, Coastal Electric Supply opened their first location to support all electrical distributors from coast to coast. Stocking the hard to find explosion proof type material allows our customers to keep the contractors working through long manufactuers lead times. It is our goal for all electrical distributors to allow us to be an extension to their warehouse.

Our Distributor Support Team consists of very skilled individuals who work effectively as a team to deliver superior value to the Customer. Communication and negotiation are essential to ensure excellent customer service.

One of the main keys for the inside sales people, is knowing where to get out of stock and hard to find material quickly so their customers don’t go to their competitors. These are some of the items we specialize in:

All Explosion proof:

  • Lighting HID & LED in multi-tap and 480 volt
  • Control stations
  • Disconnects 30, 60 and 100 amp
  • Pin and sleeve 30 amp 400 amp
  • Cord grips for tray cable and armor cable
  • Bronze flexible couplings
  • Fittings

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